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We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

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Super Polish and Buff

This is the super detail where your car both inside and out gets a new lease and will be almost as good as new.

Skilled Team

Our team are hand picked and fully trained and we have ongoing training so you get the best and most updated service and quality products.

Always On Time

We spend almost a day on it covering a 27-point check list that covers everything there is you can do to a car.

Interior Clean

We will clean and vacuum inside the car and wash the upholstery with our special wet and dry machines to revive it to almost a showroom condition.


Our customers love us
  • I just got a Mini Detail package and was blown away by the quality and detail of the service. I couldn't be happier and have recommend friends and family members to stop by for the best hand car wash in Gold Coast.

    Carl Watson
    Ford Territory Car Owner
  • I think Karshine is the best car washers ever. Love the price, convenience and customer service. When I have time and want to vacuum myself, it is easy and cheap. They provide towels and spray to wash the windows and I wash my dash. Thanks so much.

    Noah Smith
    Toyota Camry Hybrid Car Owner
  • Finally a car wash that does pay attention to the detail. I have a little extra time and money and I let them do the full detail and it always has turned out great. I use them all the time and now with pollen season upon us, they will be seeing my car even more often.

    Oliver Taylor
    Holden VF Commodore Car Owner
  • AWESOME CAR WASH!!! BEST IN TOWN!!!!! I love this car wash! The service is awesome....they always do a great job cleaning my car (which I am kind of picky about)....TRY IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT...

    Sonia P.
    HNissan Skyline 350GT Car Owner
  • Amazing Service and Quality! This is a rocking' carwash that did an awesome job detailing my car. When I went to pick it up I couldn't believe how good it looked. It was as if I had just picked up a new car from a dealership. I have tried a few in the past ,however overall this is the best carwash in the whole county hands down.

    Mike A.
    Toyota RAV 4WD Car Owner
  • Simply the BEST. My boyfriend never has time to clean my car and I refuse to do it! Karshine guys totally cleaned it up and it looks amazing! I'm so glad he was too busy these last few weeks because he could have NEVER made it look this good! Thanks!! It is the best value around and they did my tires carpets and cleaned the interior even the cup holders! like a detail minus the wait!

    Rosanna J.
    Kia Station Wagon Car Owner
  • What an awesoooooooome place!!! I just got a free car wash today because it was my 10th! They automatically register the car every time you book a detail what a great day!!! no waiting inline or sitting around , they come to me so I get my car washed anytime it is convenient for me!! plus the great service and price guarantee and bonus free car wash .

    Daniel S.
    Car Owner
  • Woooow! Karshine has to be the best car wash out there! I have really never been a believer in going to a car wash; with a busy schedule I have no time! Ever since I've tried Karshine , I have had excellent results and so convenient . They leave my car spotless and smelling like a brand new car! (no joke, they have a ``brand-new car`` scent), I can look after my kids and be ASSURED they will leave my car impeccable! I don't think this car wash can receive a rating other than 5 STARS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Victoria A.
    Car Owner
  • Been using Karshine now for a bit .... the service and quality has always been the best ...They are very efficient, add that to great prices and you've got an excellent formula for Customer Satisfaction. Nice to know that they also give back to the community . More business owners should model themselves after these guys looking after and contributing to charities ..now that's how you give back to your community. Great service!

    Aaron T.
    Car Owner
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Coffees Released To Given To Charity

5% of all our work goes towards Charities. Your chance to give a hand to those who need it most.

Free Rain-Off

Rain Off Karshine improves driving visibility. It reduces the stickiness of waterdorps that causes fog and frost on you car’s glass surfaces. Prevents water stains on your car’s glass surfaces.

Free Car Freshener

Every service no matter how small will get a car refreshener for free so your car will smell beautiful.

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Basic Car Check

Before we detail your car and during we make a check list of the work we do and if there are any other issues you may not have seen about your car. This service is free.

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